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Maid of Honor Speech
Maid of Honor SpeechOne of the most important traditions of a Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor is to give the Bride a Toast. Traditionally, the speech would be given during the wedding party in the first half (before people begin to leave) and would focus on the bride. Bridesmaid 101 recommends making a wedding toast that includes various emotions. The best toasts include funny stories growing up with sentimental friendship and love. Some Maids of Honor like to be spontaneous and not rehearse anything prior to making the toast while others (the majority) usually bring notes or a prepared speech.

Bridesmaid 101's words of advice are if you are a person who does not like to speak in front of others when making a speech, make sure to rehearse and bring a hard copy wedding speech.

Here are a few Wedding Toast ideas that may be helpful to you when writing your speech:

Maid of Honor speech Stories of what the bride used to share with you about the groom when she first met him.
Maid of Honor speech Funny story while growing up
Maid of Honor speech How you and the bride met and how long you both have known each other
Maid of Honor speech Most "appropriately" embarrassing moment you shared with the bride
Maid of Honor speech How beautiful the bride and groom look together
Maid of Honor speech Talk about a funny habit of the bride that the groom will have to live with :)
Maid of Honor speech A spiritual statement (if the bride and groom are spiritual people)
Maid of Honor speech Words of advice to both the bride and groom
Maid of Honor speech Wishes you have for the newlyweds (e.g., success, happiness, many babies)

In addition, Maid's and Matron's of Honor are known to also give speeches at the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Shower, and Bachelorette Party. These speeches are much more informal than the Wedding Toast and can be more silly and casual. It is very common for other Bridesmaids to give speeches as well.

Maid of Honor Speech Question and Answers
Below we have started a wedding speech question and answer section for those of you who would like extra information. Feel free to email us your questions and we will add the wedding speech questions and answers for others to learn from:

Question: What about when the Maid of Honor is the Groom's sister and doesn't really know the bride then what kind of wedding speech does she give?

Bridesmaid 101 Answer: When the Maid of Honor does not know the bride well, she can discuss what types of special qualities her brother was looking for and must have found in his new bride-to-be. You can also speak of some appropriately funny stories about your brother and how you are so happy for the couple.


Bridesmaid 101

Please let us know if you have other ideas for wedding toasts that you would like us to add to this page


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