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Maid of Honor dutiesMaid of Honor Duties
Many maids of honor have asked what are their obligations to pay for things during the pre- wedding and wedding process. Below we have listed the traditional maid of honor responsibilities to help you prepare for how much the wedding process will be. Again, these are only traditional expenses as some are covered by the bride and her family if she has the money and wants to chip in.

1- The Maid of Honor Dress.

2- Maid of Honor shoes.

3- Jewelry to accent the dress.

4- Maid of Honor Hair for the wedding day.

5- Help cover to pay for the bride's hair on her big day.

6- Wedding shower gift.

7- The bachelorette party planning (invitations, venue, airfare, food and drink for you). It is traditional for the maid of honor to chip in and also get the other girls to help out in the cost.

8- The bachelorette party supplies and entertainment. Again, it is traditional for all bridesmaids to help out with the cost of these things.

9- Gift for bride and groom on wedding day.

10- If traveling, any and all travel expenses including gas, parking fees, airfare and accommodations.

11. Throwing/planning the wedding shower.

These are the main expenses that a Maid of Honor may incur for the wedding. If you plan ahead, you can save money in this soft economy as weddings can be expensive. Just make sure to have a great time and to communicate to the bride if you have some issues paying for all of the expenses. Many times, another bridesmaid or wedding party member will chip in as the important thing is that you attend the bachelorette party, bridal shower and wedding for a memorable time! As the Maid of Honor, you have one of the most important jobs of the wedding and were chosen as that special person to the bride!

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