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Bridesmaid Gifts
Choosing a gift for the brides wedding shower and Bachelorette party should be fun. Depending on the party atmosphere and the bride-to-be, the gifts can range from tame to outrageous. If you want a unique bridesmaid gift, check out these great jewelry ideas created by one of the TV show The Bachelor, contestants. These make a great bridesmaid gift for both the bride and bridesmaids or maid of honor.

Something old, Something new, Something Borrowed and Something Blue....

If you are looking for some great bridal shower games and gifts, check out Bachelorette Party Fun's section of great items.
They have the lowest prices online and offer a free gift in every order as well as no sales tax outside of CA.

The Bridal Shower Gift of Gift Cards - For those who know the bride and groom are moving soon, a great bridal shower gift are using gift cards at their favorite stores. This way, they can get what they need, when they need it and it is much appreciated. Also easier to carry from the wedding and no shipping cost. Check out other great bridal shower gifts below:  
Bachelorette Sparkle Tiara
Let everyone know the Bachelorette has entered the party with this great sparkling tiara! Don't worry about it falling off since it has a built-in hair comb and sparkle finish that spells the word "Bachelorette" in decorative script for everyone to see! A must have for any Bachelorette.
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Bridesmaid and Bride-To-Be Shirts - A Great Gift
We have found a site that has amazing shirts to give as a gift to the bride-to-be, bridesmaids or maid of honor as they cover all aspects of the pre-wedding and post-wedding parties. Whether you are looking for a bachelorette party shirt, bridesmaid shirt or a cute shirt for a gift.
Bridemaid T-Shirts - Click Here!

100 Carat Oversized Ring
Let everyone know that the Bachelorette is "Taken" with this oversized 100 Carat Ring! Everyone will know who the Bachelorette is when she flashes this huge diamond-like ring at the boys! A great conversation piece and sure to make the girls laugh!

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Bachelorette Veil & Lei
A "Classic" Veil is for the more reserved bachelorette. The veil comes complete with 3 Silver leaves with a tiny plastic Bride and Groom in the center, garnished with tiny pink fabric "roses" around the crest of the veil. For the more adventuress, there are many other types of veils available. A Colorful Classic Lei is a perfect addition for all the girls to wear, while the bride-to-be dons our Bachelorette Party Lei.
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Anna Renee Jewels
If you are interested in owning a piece of celebrity jewelry, check out Anna Renee Jewels. These very reasonable semi-precious stone jewelry make great gifts for the bridesmaids or bride-to-be. Each one is hand-made and created by Renee Simlak who is known for her appearance on "The Bachelor" season 13..
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Bedroom Desserts Book
If you are looking for a great bachelorette gift or honeymoon gift, check out the Bedroom Desserts book which offers great dessert recipes, seductive suggestions, quickie quests and romantic resources!

A Honeymoon for Lovers Kit
This is the perfect gift to give to the Bachelorette for a lasting rememberance of the party each night of her marriage. The Smart looking Can Collection comes complete with 3 massage oils, 1 package of incense, a tickling feather, candle, and more!
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Body Whipped Cream Sample Pack
The perfect gift for the Bride-to-Be and for lasting nights of edible adventure! This Sampler Kit comes with 3 - 4oz. Cans of Body Whipped Cream. The sampler has 3 flavors: Strawberry, Pina Colada, and Cherries Jubilee.
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Scented Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath
Makes a great gift. Turn down the lights, put on some sweet music and relax with some glow in the dark sweet scented bubbles! Nothing is more relaxing than our Raspberry and Melon bubbles. Great for giving as a bachelorette, bridal shower, or romantic gift.

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Wedding Video Gift for the Bride and Groom
Besides getting the bachelorette party supplies, I've noticed a small but growing trend for MOH's to organize attendants to chip in for a big ticket item for the couple's wedding gift rather than have everyone randomly pick something small from the couple's registry. Several MOH's have "bought" -FILMING ONLY packages for the couple with all the attendants chipping in so that the couple could have their wedding filmed by a top wedding videographer pro. They are leaving the cost of editing to the couple - presenting a gift certificate to the bride for the filming at the bridal shower. The couple then can be guaranteed a fabulous wedding video and have up to a year to choose (and pay for) an editing package.

Every bride has been more than thrilled to have such a personal and special gift - far more thoughtful than another pair of wineglasses or a butcher block cutting board! This is a particularly perfect wdding gift for the couple who has been living together for years, is buying or has just bought a house, and is spending a lot of $$ on their wedding.


Bridesmaid 101

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