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Top Bridal Shower Games - 3
Bridal Shower GamesThere are even more bridal shower games to use at your shower that will really make for a memorable party!

21) Wedding Song Pass – (Materials: fake bridal bouquets, wedding music that will be played at the wedding on an ipod/ipad/mp3/stereo) – Have each of the bridesmaids pass the bridal bouquets and have someone who is not playing the bridal shower game stop the music at random times. The person holding the bouquets is out until you have a winner.

22) Lucky Gift Card Game – (Materials: Gift card to favorite store and tape) – Before the bridal shower, tape a 25.00 gift card to iTunes, a clothing store or Starbucks to one of the seats that the bridal shower guests will be  sitting in. At some point in the party, tell the bridesmaids and guests to look under their seat to see who the lucky winner is of the bridal shower gift! A very easy bridal shower game to play with the group.

23) Bridal Resolutions – (Materials: Paper, pens, scissors) – Have all the  bridesmaids and family of the bride/groom to write down one resolution for the year. Mix them up and read them out loud to see if anyone can guess who wrote the resolution. Let everyone know prior to the bridal shower game what you are doing so they are not embarrassing.

24) Bridal Shower Crossword – (Materials: Pre-printed crossword puzzle and pens) – Create a crossword puzzle on paper and print them out for all to play the bridal shower game. Some of the words you can use are:

Bachelorette Party
Wedding Ring
Bridal Shower
Groom (
Bridesmaid (
Maid of Honor

25) Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt – (Materials: Bridal shower gifts, clues on paper) – Break up into teams and have a bridal shower scavenger hunt to find a few items that are already pre-hidden. This takes more planning but a lot of fun. Just make sure to have a sober driver if you are driving around or to make sure the weather is good. Can be a lot of fun if you have a longer bridal shower. Make the findings useful to the bride-to-be so you can give them as bridal shower gifts as a group. A great and useful bridal shower game.

26) Bridal Mystery – (Materials: black paper strips, tape or pins) – Have a pre-assigned person to be the point person who knocks off the bridal shower guests by blinking. That is, without any bridal shower guest knowing, tell them when they come in that one person at the shower is the “wedding assassin” and they will be winking at you which means you are out of the game. If someone wants to guess who they think the assassin is, they can guess but if they are wrong, they knock out themselves and the person they guessed wrong on. If someone is winked at by the assassin, they have to wait one minute without saying anything at the party and then say they are out, placing a black piece of paper on their clothing to show they are out of the game. A fun who-done-it bridal shower game.

27) Bridal Shower Card Games – (Materials: Deck of Cards, Casino table if desired, poker chips) – This bridal shower game may take a little more planning but is very fun for those who like to gamble. Play your favorite card games or poker games and give our bridal shower prizes to those bridesmaids and guests who have the most chips at the end.

28) Bridal Cooking – (Materials: Chef or cookbook, ingredients, supplies) – For those that like to cook or bake, it is a fun bridal shower game to have everyone cook and make bread, a dessert pie, cake or other items that everyone can help and then eat! There are cooking classes and companies that teach cooking in your area to make this a fun bridal shower game.

29) What’s in the Box (Materials: Unbreakable bridal shower gift, box,  wrapping) – Have everyone pass around a box containing a bridal shower gift with one person knowing what is inside. Have each bridesmaid and bridal shower guest guess what is in the box and write down their answer. At the end, have the bride-to-be open her gift and see how many got it right.

30) Bridal Shower Guessing (Materials: Paper, pens) – Have the bride write the answers to the following questions:

What is the song the bride has chosen as their wedding song?
How many cakes were tried before selecting the cake?
How long did the groom take to propose?
Where did the groom propose?
Who was the first person the bride called, groom called?
How long have the bride and groom known each other?
How many venues did the bride and groom visit to choose the place of their wedding?
How many bands or DJ’s did they speak with prior to making their selection?
How many bridesmaid dresses ( has the bride looked at before making her decision?
How many bridesmaids will she be having?
How many groomsmen will he be having?

See how many people can get these right. A fun bridal shower game

Let us know some of your bridal shower game ideas and email us at

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