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Bridal Shower Games


Top Bridal Shower Games
The bridal shower is one of the most important events prior to the wedding. It is an event that sets the stage for the wedding and a great time for all the bachelorettes to get to know one another, usually prior to the bachelorette party and your friend's big day. One element of the bridal shower that creates some fun and entertainment is bringing on some bridal shower games for everyone (who is willing) to play. Below we have listed the top ten bridal shower games for making your party a major success:

Bridal Shower GamesBridal Shower Games of the Month
Bridal Shower Game Kit (5 Games Included) - This great bridal shower game kit comes with all the essentials you need to have an entertaining time at any bridal shower. You can the bridesmaids can play 5 games which include: Shower Gift Bingo, Wedding Word Game, Bridal Shower Charades, Ring Box Surprise, Pin the Flower on the Wedding Dress! Hours of fun for the low price of $13.99 which you can find here.

Apple App - Great for a bridal shower, this is a fantastic game to be able to have with you and the convenience of having it in your iPhone or iPad!! The game is Filled with dares, silly trivia, charades and other games, this app can help make for a great night out with the girls. Loads of fun and at a the Amazing Price... only 99 Click here for more!

1) How well do you know the bride - (Materials: Paper and pens) - This game needs to be created prior to the bridal shower through a series of questions you ask the bride and groom. The bridal shower game is played by asking all the bridal shower guests some questions regarding the bride and groom to see how well they know their friend or family member. Some of our top 15 choice questions may include:

When did the bride and groom meet?
What was the bride's favorite show growing up?
What was the bride's favorite band or singer growing up?
What is the bride's favorite food and restaurant (bonus if you get the dessert right)?
Does the groom wear boxers or briefs?
How many
children do the bride and groom want?
What is the bride's favorite color?
What did the bride want to become when she was younger?
What is the groom's favorite sport?
How did the groom (or bride) propose?
What is the bride's favorite hobby?
What is the bride's favorite show on TV?
What poster did the bride have on her wall growing up?
If the bride was on a dessert island and couldn't take her groom, who would she take?
What is the bride's most embarrassing moment?

2) Bridal shower bingo - (Materials: bridal shower small gifts, pen, paper) - A fun game is for everyone to bring small (inexpensive) bridal shower gifts (or gag gifts) to the shower. Each gift is numbered in the order they are received. Prior to the bridal shower, have someone create bingo cards with a random number system on each. If you know that 20 people are coming to the bridal shower, choose numbers one to twenty on the bingo cards you create in random orders. Have some extra gag gifts just in case not everyone brings the inexpensive gifts. At the end of the shower, have the bride open up her gifts in any random order. Call out the number of the gifts and the bridal shower guest that gets BINGO receives a small gift (candle, frame, etc) while the other gifts goes to the bride. A great game for everyone to be entertained as the bridal shower gifts are opened. Note that it is not customary to usually bring bridal shower gifts so don't make people feel obligated, especially in this economy. Inexpensive items under $10.00 is the name of the game.

3) Bridal Shower Mad Libs - (Materials: Madlib book and pen) - A really fun game is the bridal shower madlibs game where you ask guests for nouns, verbs, etc. and you fill in the pre-made stories that relate to the bridesmaids, wedding and bachelorette party. Lots of fun for everyone and an easy game to play anywhere.

4) How well do you know the bride's purse - (Materials: brides purse, paper, pens) - A really funny game is to take the bride's purse during the bridal shower and asking everyone to write down what everyone thinks is in the brides purse. Give everyone 10 minutes to jot down what they think is in the bride's purse. Make sure there is nothing embarrassing for the bride before she pulls out all the items one at a time. The bridal guest receiving the most right answers wins an inexpensive gift.

5) Famous TV couples - (Materials: Printout of attachment, paper and pens) - There is nothing like a little trivia to get the bridesmaids excited. Check out the attachment which lists the following last names of famous couples to guess the real names of the TV Couples and have a ball! Click here to download the printable version (MS Word).

6) Thank You Card Game - A great game is to have everyone help address the thank you cards that the bride will be sending out by placing your name and address on a card, stamping them and placing the return address on them. You can decorate them a little which will be of great help to your friend who has enough to think about while she is planning for her big day.

7) The Wedding Dress Game - (Materials: toilette Paper, tape, markers) - This is a fun game where you have a group of bridal shower participants break up into 2-3 teams. Each team chooses a participant who will be toilette papered in creating a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress. Give participants 15 minutes to make their creations which is fun to watch.

8) The Price is Right Game - (Materials: cosmetics, bridal supplies, sanitary wipes, paper, pens) - Purchase some items that would be needed for the bride-to-be and place them on a table. Play the Price Is Right game by showing everyone the items and have them guess the correct amount on the receipt. The person guessing the most right (or close to right) wins a bridal shower gift.

9) Bridal Shower Raffle - (Materials: paper, centerpieces, pen) - Everyone loves winning prizes. This is an easy bridal shower game where you place numbers in a bowl that corresponds to a number that is given to each bridal shower guest. Call the numbers at the end of the shower to see who wins the bridal shower centerpieces. If there are no centerpieces, then give away the flowers or a small bridal shower gift.

10) The Lucky Coin Game - (Materials: coin, tape) - This is a very easy game where you tape a coin to one of the chairs (prior to making seating arrangements if you do this). In the middle of the party, tell everyone to look under their chairs. Whoever has the coin under their chair wins a bridal shower gift (i.e., scented candle, bookmark, book, frame). A fun game to play with everyone.

11) Scrapbooking - (Materials: color cardboard paper, text transparencies, markers, crayons, scissors) - A great bridal shower activity is to have all the bridal shower guests create scrapbook pages that can be bound at a later date. Each can use their creativity which can then be put together by the maid of honor or other bridesmaids in the creation of a very memorable and personal scrapbook!

We hope you enjoy these great bridal shower game ideas to make your party a success. Please write us at to give us other ideas to help make other bridal shower parties a major success!

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Bridal Shower Games


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