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BridesmaidBridesmaids, you have been given the honor by the bride to take part in one of the most precious times in you and your friend's/sister's life! Bridesmaid101 has collected valuable Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor information in helping you plan the entire experience.

Select from Bridesmaid Duties, Maid of Honor Duties along with Bridesmaid Planning or Maid of Honor Planning to help understand more how you will be involved or to get new creative ideas as an experienced Bridesmaid.

Our Bridesmaid Dresses, Bridesmaid Gifts, Wedding Checklist, Downloadable Goodies and Wedding Speech sections may give you and the bride ideas to make your wedding planning more smooth and eloquent. Don't forget to plan some bridal showers games.

Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party sections will give you some new and fun ideas on how to plan, as well as useful tips. Check out our new Bridal Shower Games page which will help bridesmaid's plan the bridal shower.

Last but not least, our Bridesmaid Resource section will help with valuable bridesmaid and maid-of-honor information by giving you wedding links, directories and wedding invitation calligraphy in making the planning process much more smooth. Make sure to plan getting the wedding invitations as soon as possible. Sending out invitations way ahead will make sure wedding guests do not make other plans that get in the way of going to the bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding.

BridesmaidBridesmaid Ideas - Thanksgiving Fun for Bridesmaids
It is already time for the leaves to change color, for us to set our clocks back one hour and for Thanksgiving traditions, with the added value of being a bridesmaid during this great fall season. Bridesmaid planning can be tough during this season since there are many holiday events to get ready for.

A great bridesmaid idea is to focus on things we give thanks for, including our families, new families and friends and health/happiness. It is a great time to help the bride out with the many different choices and stressors she may have during the wedding planning. Having the bridesmaid support will mean a lot to her.

Decorate the bridal shower in fall colors and leaves also using colorful autumn flower arrangements. Ask the bride what her favorite flowers are of the season. Have the bridesmaids discuss what they give thanks for, focusing on the friendship of the bride-to-be, which is special. Have all the bridesmaids write them down for a keepsake book, which will be a great bridesmaid gift for the bride-to-be! It is always fun to play bridal shower games and spread them out during the party.

Fall is also a great time to throw a bachelorette party since the weather is more cool and venues are more open and reasonable. In this economic time, we suggest using bachelorette party fun for your supplies since they have the lowest prices, no sales tax and offer free shipping while always placing a free gift in your order.

If you are the maid of honor you can tie in the season of thanks in the maid of honor speech. Just make sure to give yourself enough time to write! In this economy, go in together with other bridesmaids on the bridal shower gift as there are great deals out there. Check out some pretty fall bridesmaid dresses and start early so you have time during this fall season to alter or make sure the bridal store gets it right. Accent the bridesmaid dresses with cute items that are fall related. It is also a great time to give during the Thanksgiving bridesmaid season so donate to one of your favorite charities if you have the funds as there are many in need. Happy Thanksgiving to all (even for those outside of the US).

For more information, check out our bridesmaid holidays page as well as our bridesmaid resources to be off to a great start in planning a memorable February for the bride!

Bridesmaid Question of Fall
I am a bridesmaid with little money this season. What can I do to make sure I can go to all the events that the bride may have.

Bridesmaid Answer of the Month
Many are in the same situation. Make sure to be up front with your friend on the fact you want to go but need to be sensitive to funds. I am sure your good friend will alert the others, who may be in the same situation, that money is important to keep in mind when planning the shower, bachelorette party and other festivities. Check out previous bridesmaid questions of the month here.

We hope is helpful to plan your parties! Click on the bridesmaid links and buttons to learn more on making the bridesmaid and maid of honor experience amazing! We hope our site is helpful and fun for you! So let the planning process begin by choosing any of the bridal links above!

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